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PayPal Integration in iPhone and Android

January 5, 2011

I was curious to know if PayPal would support Credit card Payment using their Mobile library for iPhone and Android. But finally I got to know the fact from a PayPal guy that we can not just do a checkout only with credit card details. We always need a paypal account to checkout.

The good thing with PayPal is that they have officially launched the Mobile Library for iPhone and Android, otherwise developers would have a high time, getting the trust of the users and crossing the big Apple’s Approval process gate. It could have better if their library directly supports the Credit card only checkout.

Let us hope that, they bring that feature sooner.


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  1. Chawla permalink

    Hi I have a question I am making a mobile web portal some and I want to integrate paypal with it will I have to use the conventional way of integrating paypal the similar one which we use for web based application or there are some other APIs.

    • I have not worked on the web implementation. So I am not aware of it. I would suggest you to check the document named PayPal Mobile Checkout Developer Guide in the developer site.

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