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Native App development is here to stay

August 26, 2012

Native Vs Web

With the Jonnathan Dan’s article , I sense a strong case for the survival of native development.  Earlier when I on discussions with my friends who work in web development , who lead mobile projects and with people on technical forums, most of them were in one voice told that Native Mobile development will die with some shrilling Hybrid approach is best of both the worlds.

I then felt that native mobile development will in future become suitable for a niche market like Games, apps where audio , graphic rendering and where too much dependence with hardware APIs present.  Every other thing can be managed with a Hybrid app and when the brand is established and when we do not have a dependency with Hardware or you get hardware access with HTML5, hybrid approach can also be killed. But reading in to his article gives me a new insight. That is,

Mobile has less space and those who use it are mostly they are busy doing something else either in travel or when they are in break, rushing in to station, chatting with their  girl friend or boy friend and expects  things engage quickly. They do not want to see much of their screen being occupied with loading text  , spinner or  which  behaves clumsily not being coped to our instincts.And as for my experience I have experienced all this with Mobile Web Apps even with 3G (India) connectivity.

Any developer or a brand who wanted to keep their customer loyalty needs to offer their app with the constraint so tough to meet: Not wasting the users’ time.

HTML5 in mobile with Hybrid development or standalone app has not consistently achieved this. And Native has achieved this. But at a bigger cost and a necessity manage lot of developers and lot of code.

So until HTML5 is at its blazing speed, Native is going to stay.

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  1. good read 🙂 I believe HTML5 is evolving/improving sooo fast that it could soon deliver native like performance even on gaming front. Check out to see what HTML5 is capable of, but ofc still our hardware, browser implementations need to improve for seamless experience..

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