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Ability to set properties using Interface Builder for objects

December 21, 2012

When we use interface builder, not all of the properties will be configurable for view or a control. With Xcode 4.2 release this problem is solved partially.

Lets  say for example,we add a scroll view and a content view on it. IB is meant for fixing everything we know at compile time. Now if we do know the content size of the scroll view we will prefer to set it. But before Xcode 4.2 it was not possible.

Right from Xcode 4.2, a separate section named User defined runtime attributes are available in IB interface. But the project must conform to below requirements: (Thanks to stackoverflow user)

  • Compiling with iOS 5.0.
  • Setting the .xib version attribute to 4.2
  • Running in a simulator or device with iOS 5.0. Older version won’t work.


For the example I have mentioned, the below details thing can be set:

  • Key Path: contentSize
  • Type: Size
  • Value: {width, height}

I doubt it will support the UIEdgeInsets property through run time property interface. I have not tested it.


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