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Repository management of iOS Projects

May 16, 2013

Some common things to note when using Repository for iOS,Mac projects:

  1. When working as a team , avoid conflict  in .xcodeproj by limiting edits to the project to one team member at a time. If still conflict occurs the only efficient way to resolve is to revert the changes and merge the changes manually.
  2. Ignore the below items from repository
    • .DS_Store
    • *.swp
    • *~.nib
    • build/
    • *.pbxuser
    • *.perspective
    • *.perspectivev3
    • *.project.xcworkspace
    • *.xcuserdata
    • *.mode1v3
    • *.mode2v3
  3. When you use SVN, ignore .git files and when you use GIT ignore .svn files
  4. Always ensure you do not ignore the *.a files until and otherwise you explicitly require it to be ignored



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