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Framework Development with Objective C and Swift

July 3, 2015

Provided below are the learnings I had as part of creating Frameworks with Objective-C and Swift Code.

Learning 1 (No bridging header required for interoperability for the Framework Targets)

There is no support for swift bridging headers in Xcode Framework Projects.

But how do you write Objective-C and Swift in same Project?

Just import your framework as a module in your swift class where you wanted to use the objective C created class.

Even if you try to add the bridging header manually, in a framework project, Xcode spits this below message.

“using bridging headers with framework targets is unsupported”

Digging Apple’s documentation gave the idea that, you do not need a Bridging header in Frameworks. You need bridging headers only for applications.

Learning 2

Learning 3

To access swift methods of  Framework you should make them public 

The github project provides an example.


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