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Android App Review – ninjacart

September 17, 2015

I had a necessity to purchase some fruits. I remembered a coupon I was provided with a parking ticket by Ninjacart.


I downloaded the app in my android phone and ventured to purchase some fruits.

The app prompted me to register. But I could not register after repeated attempts due to no mobile network connectivity to verify the phone number. Then I went out of my house and thought of trying again. I was again disappointed by the app now. I provided my Registration details already. But on moving to a different app and upon return to the Ninjacart app, the app failed to store my registration details and this happened for 4 times. Finally I realized the problem was with the App not with my cellular connection. Even at a place where there is a good cellular connection, the app was reporting that there was no connectivity.


Notes for Product Team: (I am alien to Android App development)

Two potential bugs:

  1. When ever the activity that handles the registration goes to the Stopped State (onPaused() –> onStop()), and returns to Resumed state,the form is cleared/refreshed. Or may be the activity is created afresh after app comes back to focus
  2. There is a major problem with the way network connection detection is done. Some delegation mechanism must be used for the reporting the changes in cellular connection status. This might be failing to report the changes appropriately.


Phone Model: Lenovo S660

Android Version: 4.4.2


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