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Cost cutting strategy for location based service business

October 21, 2015

I use Freshmenu app and Ola App frequently.


One common problem the delivery boys face (never seen a girl)  is identifying the location of the delivery/pickup which is key part of the customer service experience.

The amount lost for the customer and delivery boy (the organization they belong to) is around 1-3  per delivery.

Out of all the freshmenu deliveries I have received and all the Ola commute I had, the delivery boy/driver and I had to call each other on all occasions to point the address where I am. But in both the cases either my address was collected automatically or I have explicitly sent my address  through the mobile App.



  1. The customer’s address is passed as a text to the the server and further passed to the delivery boy.


  1. The customer’s current location is passed as GPS coordinates to the server and further the customer’s location rendered in the Maps application of the driver.

Both the approaches has got a problem.

Freshmenu’s approach has a problem for the delivery boys with the direction to reach the destination. The delivery folks calls you once from their pickup point and then somewhere near your locality because they are not familiar with the locality where they deliver. (Which is acceptable)

In three of my Ola trips, my the location was not  identified accurately by the driver. All of them have told that the location was not accurate. Either I had to walk some 100 metres to go to a landmark which I could quote them or talk to them over phone and ask them to come to my location.Ola’s approach suffers from a problem with rendering the location of the customer or capturing the location accurately using GPS or a problem with my Phone.


A combination of both would help the people who are providing service with identifying the location without ambiguity and save money for both of them. Though Physical address can not be provided when you need Ola or Uber from an arbitrary location.

Food for thought:

Ola problem with Billing


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