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First impressions with React-Native

August 6, 2016

I always  believed writing native apps using Javascript (web tech stack )would  cut the cost in terms of maintaining different teams for each mobile OS platform. Read one, two,three

But never expected it would become a reality soon(I would not count Titanium as a solution here because of the lack of community support as it is for React-native and the amount you will have to shell out for getting support). Thanks to Facebook for making it possible. I was so elated when Facebook open sourced it.

After more than a year of it being made it available for public, I started using it my work. I am sharing a couple of pointers here which will help any one who jumps in to React-Native development.

(I  joined Myntra, an e-commerce company for fashion products recently. Myntra is one of the companies who first embraced React-native in India. )

  1. I was used to imperative way of thinking. React-Native being declarative in style, I had few hiccups while understanding the workflow. Write a sample app and you will get used to this new style of thinking.
  2. I had a hard time setting up the environment (Ruby, rvm, npm,activesupport ) mainly due to the compatibility of the exiting code base. Get a clarity on the versions of all these tools from your team  and you would not waste time.
  3. Choosing the right tool is important. I am very comfortable with Atom editor. I started using Nuclide from Facebook built on top of atom.
  4. One of the most used views in iOS is UITableView. The the behaviour and UI is achieved here using  ListView.Reading the below, gave me a better way to understand how they work under the hood.

I will be sharing very specific errors I faced and how to handle them in upcoming posts.

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